Horse Racing Betting Tips To Win The First Time You Bet

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Horse racing betting is one of the attractive subjects in many countries around the world. In Vietnam, although this subject is not yet popular, it is still very enthusiastically received.

The article below shares betting on horse racing tips to ensure you win the first time you bet, please refer to it.

What is horse racing betting?

What is horse racing betting?
What is horse racing betting?

Horse racing is a popular sport in European and American countries. In addition to betting on live racetracks, large-scale bookmakers now offer betting on this type of sport.

Similar to other forms of sports betting, Horse Racing Betting is also a form of betting on match results. The house will provide odds as well as bets for players to choose from.

Currently, betting on horse racing is increasingly attracting a number of participating members. Furthermore, large and small racetracks around the world always organize tournaments, so players have many opportunities to bet on horse racing. 

Detailed horse racing betting guide for beginners

Detailed horse racing betting guide for beginners
Detailed horse racing betting guide for beginners

For those with extensive betting experience, there is no need to discuss it anymore. However, there are still many people who are new to the game and still do not understand how to play Horse Racing Betting.

You need to clearly understand the following contents if betting on horse racing:

(1) Game rules

Horse racing betting rules will have different adjustments for each bookmaker. Therefore, when participating in betting, you need to clearly understand the rules of the game to avoid situations where the betting results are not accepted. 

Rules for horse racing betting at bookmaker 188jili are as follows:

  • Betting time at 188jili is 3 minutes before the horse race officially starts, after 3 minutes betting will stop.
  • Information about the match and competition time is provided fully and detailed by the bookmaker. You can rely on it to grasp betting time and predict more accurately.
  • The final results are announced by bookmaker 188jili immediately after the end of the race.
  • Players participate in betting based on the bets and odds given by 188jili organizers.

In short, the rules of betting on horse racing at 188jili are not too strict. The house always creates the most favorable conditions for its members.

That’s why 188jili playground is a prestigious destination for many bettors today.

(2) Forms of horse racing betting

In order to increase the attractiveness of Horse Racing Betting as well as help players participate more easily, bookmaker 188jili has offered many different forms of betting.

Bets will have different ways of playing and players need to understand the nature of each bet:

  • Show: A form of betting on the last winning horse.
  • Place (rank): Is a form of betting on the horse you choose will come Second or First.
  • Win (win): is a form of betting on a horse coming first or second
  • Trifecta: In this form of betting, the player has the right to bet on 3 horses finishing first, second and third.
  • Superfecta: In this form, the player will place 4 horses in the order of first, second, third, and fourth.
  • Quinella: In this form, the player bets on 2 of the 3 selected horses finishing first and second, not necessarily in order.

(3) Odds

At 188jili playground, the odds in the horse racing betting game are calculated in three ways: decimal betting odds, money line betting odds, and decimal betting odds.

Specifically, the ways to calculate odds are understood as follows:

  • Decimal betting odds: If the bettor wins, the bonus amount will be multiplied according to the ratio given by the house. For example, the odds are 2.0, so if you bet 100K, you will receive 200K. If the odds are less than 2, the winnings will always be less than the bet.
  • Fractional betting odds: According to this ratio, the bet winner will be rewarded by multiplying the bet amount with the decimal odds. For example, if the bet is 100k, you will receive a bonus of 200k.
  • Money line betting odds: Money line betting will have 2 money lines: negative or positive. When placing a positive number, the winner of the bet will receive a reward equal to the bet amount. If the number is negative, the bettor will have to bet that exact amount to receive the bonus.

(4) Redeem rewards

Bookmaker 188jili will announce the winning or losing betting results immediately after the horses’ competition ends. And the bonus amount will be calculated and paid according to the form you bet.

Horse Racing Betting players can redeem rewards via e-wallet, bank card or phone scratch card. In order for all transactions to be quick and convenient, you should register accurate personal information to avoid trouble when confirming information.

Horse racing betting tips to win right the first time you bet at bookmaker 188jili

Horse racing betting tips to win right the first time you bet at bookmaker 188jili
Horse racing betting tips to win right the first time you bet at bookmaker 188jili

Betting on horses to see them is quite simple. Players do not need to have a lot of knowledge like other sports games.

However, to bet for sure of winning, you also need to grasp the following betting tips:

(1) Know how to choose a horse capable of winning the race

To win the bet, the most important thing is that you choose a good horse. Please learn carefully about the characteristics of each horse before choosing a horse.

Compare the health, endurance and running speed of horses to see which one is likely to reach the finish line first.

In addition, the characteristics of each type of horse also affect its fighting ability, so do not ignore this information.  

(2) Carefully study the game rules

To understand the rules of horse racing games, please watch previous races. From there, information about the results, advantages or weaknesses of each horse can be drawn.

Especially, draw out the rules of the race to grasp every situation and make the most accurate decision.

(3) Have a clear betting strategy

With any sport, betting requires your own strategy. Specifically, you need to make specific and detailed betting plans as possible. 

Issues you must research before betting on horse racing include:

  • Bet amount: each person’s bet amount will not be the same. You must choose the betting level that suits your finances. Usually the limit for each game is from 3 to 5% of the total capital in the account.
  • Betting plan: Betting plan is to choose which betting method, parallel or double. If you feel more confident with whichever method you choose, choose that method.
  • Betting time: You need to control your betting time to avoid getting too deep into the game. Furthermore, being able to stop the game at the right time will limit the risk of running out of money in your account.

(4) Learn from people with experience in betting on horse racing on forums 

The house always has a forum for its members. You should participate in these forums to exchange and learn from the experiences of betting experts.

Questions about horse racing betting are of most interest to many people today

(1) In a race, if a horse gives up, how will it be handled?

If in a horse race, the horse that is competing suddenly quits the game, there are 2 cases to resolve as follows:

  • Case 1: Horse Racing Bettors will bet individually on each turn

When placing individual bets on each round, even if the horse gives up halfway, you will still get your bet back from the house. 

  • Case 2: Place a CROSS bet and the horse quits the race

Betting on a CROSS combination means that if the horse quits the race midway, you will also have the opportunity to score points by lowering the number of remaining cross bets. In addition, the bet order remains unchanged.

(2) Do you need to know about horses to play Horse Racing Betting?

In fact, bettors do not need to have knowledge of this subject to bet.

However, winning or losing bets depends on luck. You should learn the knowledge surrounding this subject to make more accurate judgments

In short, to be able to win horse racing betting from the first time, you need to pay attention to the game.

Hopefully the article we provide above will give you a lot of useful knowledge when betting on horse racing.

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